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Over time, homes or commercial buildings sustain damage and wear out. Asbestos, mold, lead, odor, and other related structural problems become apparent. These affect air and water quality plus the overall well-being.

Fresh Air Abatement has for long provided the best residential and commercial abatement removal and restoration services. We have a professional team that checks and assesses the structural issues and then offers personalized services. If you think that your household or office is exposed to asbestos or damaged by fire, smoke, mold, or other hazardous materials, we are more than ready to help out.

Do I Need Asbestos Removal or Restoration Services? 

Asbestos is mixed with several substances to disguise its appearance since there is a ban on asbestos-containing materials. There are several asbestos-containing materials in homes or commercial areas that people must be keen about. These include acoustic ceiling tiles, vinyl floor tiles, vermiculite attic insulation, cement sheet, wrapped boiler pipes etc. Asbestos textured roofing, wall/ceiling patching compounds, and other decorative materials contain asbestos.

Although no harm is evident at first, once the enclosed asbestos fibres get exposed, circulated in the air and then inhaled, it causes several health risks. We are dedicated to keeping you, your loved ones, or employees safe by taking special precautions before and during asbestos removal. We utilize modern equipment while eliminating asbestos from a building and as well check the air quality. 

 Don’t hesitate to reach out to Fresh Air Abatement for anything concerning asbestos removal, mold, lead, or odor elimination in Toronto.

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